Red Thread of Fate

Fellow friend, let me tell you a story about fate. Today is the Chinese New Year. I had waited for this day so impatiently, thinking it would be bubbling with potential, imagining it would redeem me from all the failures and mistakes I made since January 1st, it would amend all of my wrongdoings andContinue reading “Red Thread of Fate”

Be in the Now

As it goes, the 1st of the year is when we do our personal and professional accounting of the 365 days that have gone by, adding up numbers of achievements, disappointments, successes and losses and figuring out what adventure we embark onto next, in the year ahead. But, as it has been said and repeatedContinue reading “Be in the Now”

Growing wings

Once upon a time, there was a light, joyful and careless five-year old, whose mother – a free, bubbly and romantic fireworks display of a soul – had taught her to hum classical opera arias. She was happily giggling at the magnificent wonders that the Universe surrounded her with, and she had not a worryContinue reading “Growing wings”

Home away from home

Over the past few months, strong and inspiring women I was fortunate enough to cross paths with have challenged me to journey to the past and reflect upon the ways in which my international academic and professional experience have shaped me into the person I am today. The first time I received such request wasContinue reading “Home away from home”

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