New Year’s resolutions and fortune-telling pies

They say that when you toss a coin, in the brief moment when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for.
It got me thinking about the endless possibilities of manifesting our heart’s desires and generating abundance in our lives, simply by stating deeply and honestly what we yearn for, with no hesitation or fear that we may not deserve the fulfillment of our wishes.
Yesterday I had the chance of putting my theory to the test. I was lucky enough to participate to the preparation of a traditional Bulgarian fortune-telling pie, with a twist: we wrote our own fortunes, and we hid them in the pie, impatiently waiting for it to bake, so we’d see what surprises the year ahead holds.
Our innermost wishes took the shape of small notes stating: “God-sent gift”, “unconditional love”, “somebody to love”, “exotic trips”, “exciting adventures”, “cheerful home”, “dream job”. By the time the notes were written and hidden inside the pie, I knew exactly what I hoped for.

Unsurprisingly, the 3 wishes granted, the 3 fortunes that my pie foretold, were exactly those that I had manifested. The same was also true for the beautiful ladies who introduced me to this delightful New Year tradition.
Furthermore, I realized that I had been attracting those specific wishes for quite a while now, welcoming them into my life, being ready for them, allowing myself to grow and evolve so I may be good enough to accomplish them. And most importantly, being firmly convinced that I am worthy of abundance, worthy of love, worthy of everything I set my mind to.
I thus learned that the future starts in the past, when the seed of hope is planted into our hearts, and all we must do is nourish it with positivity, with kindness, embracing the possibility and anticipating its fruition. Therefore, my beautiful people, I wish upon you that you begin fearlessly wishing and fulfilling your wishes!



“Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place”.
And when it does, it is scooped into the Universe’s nurturing embrace. For love is the generating force of all progress, of all movement, of all creation. Therefore, my wish for y’all beautiful people is that the only thing you bring with you into the New Year be love, for it will guide your steps and not lead you astray.
Allow the depths of your spirit speak to you, in kindness, compassion and harmony, and your New Year’s wishlist will create itself.

As for me, I am, as of today, starting to wire my brain to accept happiness, by systematically doing things that make me happy, as a daily routine. I share my “Project Happiness” list with you, in hope that you may find some inspiration and kick-start your own journey of happiness, wherever in the world and whichever stage in your life you may find yourself in.

Here we go:
1. Wake up, say a little player/meditation
2. Open the window and make my bed
3. Make sure my living space is tidy
4. Care for myself: washing, using hair or skincare products
5. Wear something nice and clean
6. Make myself something to eat / cook something
7. Listen to music and dance while I’m cooking or cleaning
8. Watch educational or motivational videos, that I can learn something from
9. Do something creative: take a photo / do some graphic design
10. Watch a nice movie or series
11. Laugh. A lot!
12. Have at least one tight, loving hug
13. Be nice /random act of kindness
14. Be grateful
15. Repeat tomorrow.

These being said, I welcome you into a New Year in which you move closer to finding yourself. Have a New Year of countless blessings, my beautifuls!