Partner in creation

Co-creating. The secret to a harmonious relationship with Divinity and with a Divine Partner is equality. Equal involvement, equal participation, equal intention and equal accountability in the act of creation, preservation and growth. Divine Grace isn’t static, it is a perpetual flow of Abundance and Love to which we contribute with our faith, our hopeContinue reading “Partner in creation”

Decalogue of living purposefully

Fellow friend, for the past few months, you kept hearing about my turning 30. While I may have been a tad over-dramatic about this change of age, the anticipation has been peppered with shifts of consciousness and upgrades to the ways in which I perceive myself, as a sentient being, as a human and asContinue reading “Decalogue of living purposefully”

Between compromise and surrender

About two weeks ago, I successfully finalised my 21-day Abundance Challenge, experience that has dramatically shaped my understanding of the riches and diversity of the world around me, has increased my sensitivity and perceptiveness to levels that I had been unable to anticipate and has made me more grateful and more connected to the availableContinue reading “Between compromise and surrender”

Manifesting with the Universe

11/11. Described as a Master number, an Angel number, a Guidance number, a Soulmate number, 11/11 is an energetic portal through which dormant potential awakes into unlimited opportunities and generates new beginnings. Its vibration indicates a passage into a new dimensional frequency, a shift towards our Higher Self and the divinity within, towards our capacityContinue reading “Manifesting with the Universe”